Normal registration
01 Jul - 20 Sep 11:59 pm
Event starts 22 Sep

36th Annual Liberty Bell Judo Classic

Liberty Bell Judo Classic was started in 1988 by Lou Moyerman and Joe Condello. Their kids, Adam & Kristin, are happy to continue the event with the goal of providing competitors with a friendly and supportive environment!


Any judoka, age 6 to adult, who has a CURRENT USA JUDO, USJA, USJI, ATJA, AJJF card, or National Passport for foreign athletes. Judo players must present card at weigh-ins. 

Call Adam with any Questions: (215) 815-2555. If you are having issues registering please contact [email protected] or text Kristin at 215.470.4169. 

During the event you can follow along the event on the smoothcomp for updates as to your division, bracket and start times. Please note that changes can occur live - be sure to be at the venue at least 1 hr before your initial listed time and to keep an eye on the tournaments progressions in person.

Rule for Fighting in 2 Divisions :

  1. Juniors born 2011 or earlier may fight up weight category, in their age category
  2. Juniors born 2010 or later may fight up weight category in age OR up age category in  weight class
  3. Senior Novice may fight up one weight class in Novice or same weight in Brown, Elite, or Veteran (if age applicable)
  4. Senior Brown may fight up one weight class in Brown belt or in same weight in Elite or Veteran (if age applicable)
  5. Senior Elite may fight up one weight class in Elite or same weight in Veteran (if age applicable)
  6. Veterans may fight in additional senior category OR up in age or weight in veterans

 IF FIGHTING MULTIPLE DIVISIONS YOU MUST REGISTER FOR BOTH. Discounts are applied for competing in multiple divisions!

  • One non elite division is $80. One elite blackbelt division is $100.
  • Two non-elite divisions $115. 
  • One non-elite and one black belt elite division is $135. 
  • Two Black Belt Elite divisions is $160. 
  • Kata is $80 per team.

Tournament director reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary to ensure safety and fairness for all competitors.

Senior Elites on the USA JUDO National Roster will be seeded 1-8 in their divisions.

Kata Registration information to be added by 4/1. - Nage, JuNo, Goshin, Katame and novice divisions.


Schedule Details
SATURDAY (Sept 21) SUNDAY (Sept 22)
5:30- 7 pm: Referee Meeting at HOTEL (might room 3 on first floor) to review and discuss the 2023 IJF rules   8am Site Opens
 5-7 pm: Weigh Ins at HOTEL 8:30 am Coaches Meeting & Referee Meeting
8:30 am : Kata Starts
 9am : Opening Ceremony Followed by Competition starting (Adults)  
 1pm : Competition starting (Kids)  


1st - 2nd - 3rd place Liberty Bell Judo Classic Medals for each Division - Additional Special Awards will be given out!

Prize money is awarded in the Black Belt senior elite divisions- the more people that are in your division, the larger the pot you can take home!

# Competitors in Division 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2-5 people $100
6-10 people $250
11-15 people $450 $150
16+ people $750 $250 $50



  • Senior Women (NOVICE: Green Belt and Below) 80 USD
  • Senior Women Elite 100 USD
  • Veteran Women 80 USD
  • Senior Men (NOVICE: Green Belt and Below) 80 USD
  • Senior Men (NOVICE: Brown Belt and Below) 80 USD
  • Senior Men Elite 100 USD
  • Veteran Men 80 USD
  • Bantam 80 USD
    All Bantam Levels: Born 2013 -2018
  • Intermediate 80 USD
    Born 2011-2012
  • Juvenile 80 USD
    Born 2009-2010
  • Cadet 80 USD
    Born 2006-2008
  • IJF Junior 80 USD
    Born 2003-2008
  • A Whole Lotta Kata 70 USD

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